Show Quality Restoration

  • Specialize exclusively in 0-2 and 337 Skymaster aircraft and restore 0-2A and 0-2B aircraft to authentic military configuration.

  • Have the largest inventory of new Cessna surplus ex-U.S. Air Force 0-2A and 0-2B parts as well as the largest inventory of good used/as removed Skymaster parts and equipment and have the most complete library of 0-2A/B USAF Tech Orders, manuals, checklists and Forward Air Controller (FAC) historical information.

  • We take great pride in the fact that Commodore Aerospace Corp restorations are exact in the smallest detail. We have actual articles and replicas of 2.75 inch folding fin rockets, rocket pods, mini-gun pods, CBU’s, gun sights, armament panels, USAF aircraft first aid kits, canopy breaker knives, KB-18 cameras, 781 forms and all markings, stencils and decals.

  • We restore aircraft to “Show Winning” quality and to customers exacting specifications. Over the years have developed an extensive list of all areas and systems in the aircraft that we thoroughly inspect, repair and/or replace with new as necessary. Our restorations are in effect - a Structural Service Life Extensions of the aircraft.

  • Offer; 0-2A, 0-2B and 337 Skymaster re-build projects for sale and provide continuing help and assistance to customers wanting to do their own restorations.

  • Currently we have one 0-2A and one 0-2B under restoration and several disassembled re-build project aircraft for sale.