1968  EX-USAF/ANG  0-2A

Super Skymaster N5152D
USAF s/n 68-6880

Cessna s/n 337M0169

  • Authentic Vietnam Warbird with Combat Bullet Holes.

  • Total Time 5920, Front/Rear Engines 1141/1570 SMOH, oil filter mods.

  • Front/Rear Props 400/207 SMOH

  • Gun Sight, Armament Panel, Rear Radio Rack installed, Military Radios (VHF, ADF, FM, IFF) and Antennas, 4 Weapons Pylons, Replica M-16.

  • Civilian radios: KMA 20 Audio panel with 3LMB, KY196 Com, Com/Nav, VOR/GS, Collins TDR90 Transponder.

  • Standard Vietnam era upholstery, 4 military seats and many bullet hole patches in the tail.

  • Completely stripped and repainted forward Air Controller (FAC) gray with all authentic USAF markings Dec 2016.

  • Complete set of USAF Tech Orders, manuals and checklists.

  • Annual inspection May 2018.

  • Registered FAA Standard Category.