Our Story


Commodore Aerospace Corp (CAC) specializes exclusively in Cessna 0-2 and 337 Skymaster aircraft sales, parts sales, restorations and maintenance. We maintain the largest inventory of new surplus Cessna/ex-USAF, 0-2 parts worldwide and we part out various 337 and 0-2 aircraft.  

It all started in 1984 when we rented Cessna 150, 172, 182, and 210 aircraft. In 1990 we decided to specialize exclusively in 0-2 and 337 Skymaster aircraft after winning government sales auction on a 0-2A and four 0-2B cannibalized aircraft.

From 1990 to 1998 we purchased new Cessna/USAF surplus 0-2A and 0-2B parts and it was off to the races from there! Our accomplishments include:

  • 2002, Commodore Aerospace Corp won the “Silver Wrench” restoration award for the “Best 0-2” at Oshkosh and it was off to the races from there!

  • Published magazine articles about 0-2 and 337 Skymaster aircraft.

  • Developed 0-2 and 337 aircraft maintenance lessons learned

  • Consultant to Cessna Aircraft Co. on the 337 Skymaster, 0-2 Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDS) and conducted 0-2 and 337 aircraft accident investigations. 

Our Staff

Commodore Aerospace Corp has a highly experienced staff dedicated to helping our customers maintain their 0-2 and 337 aircraft. These aircraft are 40 to 50 years old but can be kept in airworthy condition with our help. Our staff has over 200 years of combined aircraft maintenance experience as well as U.S. Air Force Depot aircraft maintenance, logistic and engineering experience.  In addition our staff has over 90 years combined experience exclusively on 0-2 and 337 Skymaster aircraft and includes Aerospace Engineers, A&P Mechanics and IA Inspectors.

Our Founder

CAC Founder: Donald E. Nieser, P.E., President/Owner

  • BS Degree - Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering

  • Masters Degree – Business Administration

  • USAF Air War College

  • USAF Air Command and Staff College

  • Registered Professional Engineer

  • 38 years as an Aerospace Engineer, last 23 years at Tinker Air Force Base (retired 2001). Managed $50M-$100M/yr. Aging Aircraft Corrosion Research Programs on KC-135, B-52 and E-3 aircraft, served on US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, Lead Structures Engineer on KC-135, F-111/TF30 engine Logistics Program Manager, Liaison for NATO AWACS TF33 engines, conducted accident investigations on TF41/A-7 aircraft and engines, managed $15M/yr. TF-41 Engine Component Improvement Program. Depot Overhaul Production Engineer on TF41 engines.

  • 15 years as an Aerospace Engineer; Bell Aerospace Corp, McDonnell Douglas Corp, LTV Corp, and General Electric Co. Conducted jet engine installations in air cushion vehicles, surface effects ships and cruise missiles, V/STOL aircraft and jet flow testing and analysis, SCRAMJET combustor design, testing and analysis, wind tunnel tests of advanced aircraft external flow and exhaust nozzle jet flow interactions.

  • 37 years in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve; B-52 Engineering Chief Mobilization Augmentee, Civil Engineering Squadron Commander (159 CES LA ANG), Aircraft Maintenance Officer on F-4, F-100, C-124 and KC-97 aircraft, Flight Engineer Crew member on KC-97 aircraft, Maintenance Crew Chief on F-86 aircraft