The worlds largest inventory of Cessna 0-2 and 337 aircraft parts

Commodore Aerospace specializes exclusively in Cessna 0-2A, 0-2B and 337 Skymaster aircraft parts, equipment and supplies. We have the worlds largest inventory of 0-2 and 337 aircraft, new parts and used parts. We restore 0-2A and 0-2B Warbird aircraft to authentic U.S. Air Force military configurations as well as provide maintenance services on aircraft.

  • Specialize exclusively in Cessna 0-2A, 0-2B and all 337 Skymaster aircraft, parts, equipment, supplies and Vietnam Forward Air controller (FAC) historical information

  • Largest inventory of new Cessna ex-US Air Force 0-2 and 337 parts as well as serviceable as removed/used parts

  • Restore 0-2A and 0-2B Warbird aircraft to authentic US Air Force military configuration and “Show Winning” quality and customers exacting specifications

  • Currently have two flying 0-2A’s for sale, one 0-2A and one 0-2B under restoration, three 0-2A’s, four 0-2B’s and four 337’s disassembled waiting to be restored

  • Complete library of USAF 0-2 Tech Orders, manuals, checklists, equipment and 337 manuals

  • Provide maintenance on customers aircraft and assistance to customers doing their own restorations

  • 0-2 and 337 pre-buy inspections and 0-2/337 accident investigations


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